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Group activities are part of any organizations’ yearly achievements. These activities may range from work or for leisure such as team building. But with a team which is composed of more than 20 members, using your own cars will not only let you use at least 4 of your vehicles but this will also be costly in terms of the fuel. In fact, you still might hire a driver or have each member go on alternate driving. Instead of relaxing, you are forced to drive especially if the location takes hours to reach. This is not the kind of situation you would want to have if you are planning to enjoy your travel to focus on your team building or the event you are going to attend. If you really want to have a successful trip with your team, the best option to include in your planning is actually hiring a charter bus or van.

There are many advantages if you hire a minu bus instead of bringing your own cars with you. Aside from a hassle – free ride, you will have more time enjoying every moment of your trip talking to your colleagues and eating. You don’t need to force yourself to sleep at least 7 hours since you are the assigned driver. You don’t need to prevent yourself from drinking because you know that you won’t be driving. These might sound simple but these are really important to enjoy your trip.

There are many transport companies offering mini bus or chartered bus services but if you are the one looking for this service, you need to carefully check the company’s records. How do you assess if that company has the best service to offer in terms of transportation? You can decide based on various conditions.

First is to ensure that the company is legit in its operations. This means that it has all the licenses and permits from the local government. This is one way to guarantee that you are in safe hands. These companies cannot operate without license and this license also goes to its charter bus drivers. These drivers must also have valid license to drive and have qualified in terms of other basic requirements needed to hire an employee. The years of experience is also important to determine that this driver is indeed an experienced one and can manage driving any type of vehicle such as chartered bus or van. It is also important to ensure that these drivers are mentally healthy and physically healthy.

Another important condition is the vehicle itself. You need to know if these vehicles are well maintained. You need to be confident that the bus that your team is going to ride is 100% safe and in good travel condition. The capacity is also important because you want to lessen your travel expenses. If you are a big team, hiring one chartered bus can already suffice. The important thing is that you are not worried about your safety in traveling especially with a large group because you know that you are riding a safe transport service.

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