How to Date Beautiful Women

How to date beautiful women can be challenging for most men. Use these tips to make beautiful women go crazy for you. This is so real, when you start using these tips, you will notice a huge difference in the way beautiful women react and behave with you. It’s been known for a very long time, they are not easy to attract nor attracted to the same things that attract other women. Beautiful women have plenty of choices when it comes to men.

They can have guys cover them with gifts and compliments, yet they won’t be attracted at all. Instead of ruining yourself to attract and date them, use these two tips to make them go crazy for you. The beauty about these tips is that they are easy to use and most guys have never heard or will never apply them.

· The first great tip on how to date beautiful women is: be highly unpredictable. As written before, what attract normal women doesn’t necessarily attract beautiful women. For example, most guys will do something like this: They will take a woman to a nice place, tell her nice things, make himself funny, compliment her, buy her flowers… This may work on some women (not all of them), but when it comes to them, they will treat this guy as a loser if he starts doing this with them. Beautiful women want to be treated differently. They don’t like predictable guys. In fact they will hate you if you are predictable.

How can you become unpredictable with hot women? By trying to not sound, look, behave like everyone else. Think of what would most guys do in a certain situation and do the very opposite of it. Don’t go extreme with this tip; you don’t need to become highly unpredictable and start looking like a psycho. Try to be unpredictable in ways most guys date and treat women. Beautiful women will appreciate you more.

· The second tip on how to date beautiful women is: be interested yet ignore her. This is your biggest asset when it comes to dating hot women. If you start applying it when you date them, you won’t believe the amount or positive result you will get. Most guys, when dating gorgeous women, will behave like this:
They will call her dozens of times a week
They will try to have as many dates as possible with her.
They will try to please her.
They will fulfill every desire and wish she demands.

They will become slaves.

Nearly all guys will behave like this, this is why you need to behave differently.

Whenever, you are dating one, be interested:
Talk to her
Compliment her once a month
Make her laugh
Laugh at her jokes
Tease her

However, when you leave her, stop thinking about her or when you are going to meet her. Simply detach yourself and live your life normally.