How to Attract Beautiful Women

Are you confused about how to attract beautiful women? Do you know it is easier to attract a beautiful woman than an ordinary looking woman? Sounds unbelievable? Well here is the point; beautiful women are more used to getting approached by dumb males trying to impress them all the time and treating them like queens. They are fed up of this behavior.

To attract beautiful women you must just behave as if they are as normal looking as any other girl and should never compliment them about their looks since many men have already tried this technique before so you must be different from them.

Here are 3 important tips to attract beautiful women

1. Be a bit arrogant initially – Attractive women are used to seeing males trying to please them in every way they can, all these men just end up just being a boy toy. Always remember first impression is more important than you think, when you meet the girl first time you must give her an impression that you are not interested in her beauty but there something more than her beauty, maybe her behavior that may attract you to her. If you execute it in a correct way she will try really hard to impress you by behaving well and suddenly you become the catch.

2. Don’t touch her – Man are all over hot women and are dying for touch of a attractive woman even for a second, don’t be that guy women can sense that instantly, if you do that she will instantly put you in the category of other losers. It is very important to take care of these small details to seduce almost every girl no matter how beautiful she is.

3. The last thing she wants to hear about is you – This is very basic rule of good conversation but many people ignore it. I know it from experience that nobody likes a person who just keeps on talking about himself. Talk on general interesting topics, or about her but for god sake let her speak. You can notice everywhere women are on cell phones or gossiping with friends they just love to talk, let them do what they love to do and differentiate yourself from other jerks who just keep on talking about themselves.