Secret Steps to Be Beautiful in Quick Time

Nice body

To lose some kilos (not many) and to gain a beautiful and radiant skin, you need a detoxification cure. Eat 5 meals/ day and consume only fresh aliments, most of them fruit, vegetables and natural juices.
Say no to: alcohol, sugar, oil, fried foods, and sweet juices with acid Etc.

Use an exfoliating a night before the event. Dead cells will be eliminated and your skin will be more soft and shiny.

If you want something more special, you may apply two days in a row tanning cream. The effect won’t be so powerful, but just perfect to be asked if you were at the seaside during the weekend.

Nice complexion

Sleep, sleep, sleep! You have to sleep at least 8 hours per night during these 2 days. Nothing makes your skin to look beautiful than a long and comfortable sleep!

If you have circles put 2 bags of green tea over your eyes. First, boil and let them to cool. Let them to act for 10 minutes.

A day before the event, apply a special mask designed for you type of skin. You find here many homemade masks.

Beautiful hair

And now let pass to the secret weapon of women- beautiful and healthy hair!

In the event day wash very well your hair with the right shampoo for your type of hair. Finally apply balm or/and a mask and let it/them to act for 5 to 10 minutes. This treatment will give your hair additional glow. If you do not have time to go to the hairdresser, you may set your hair with the help of a plate or a wave like.

After apply fixative, wax or mousse for a long resistance of your coiffure!

P.S. do not forget about the makeup (an hour before the event) and your manicure (a day before the event).

Technique To Drastically Increase Your Success With Women

There’s a technique that you can use to give yourself a huge advantage over other men when it comes to attracting women. It’s a technique that great marketers and great advertisers use to increase the perceived VALUE of the products and services that they sell. And if you don’t already know, having high value is something that is VERY important if you want to attract women.

Beautiful women are not attracted to men who they perceive has having lower value than themselves.

And most guys unconsciously communicate to a woman they’re attracted to that they are low value.

A guy will do things like call her ten times a day. At her request, he will instantly drop everything he is doing to go tend to her needs. He will only say things that he knows won’t upset or offend her. He will chase her and buy her expensive gifts. And generally be at her every beck and call.

Essentially what is going on her is he’s putting her on a pedestal and worshiping her as this amazing goddess that he needs to please.

Attractive women HATE that.

So what can you do to increase your perceived value in the eyes of beautiful women?

Well, the actions I’ve just outlined above describes a man who is too available. The technique that I’m about to reveal is being the exact opposite of available.

What you need to do is to make yourself scarce.

Once you get a woman’s attention and have built a good level of attraction and rapport, pull back. Make her come to you.

Do things like deny her first request to hang out. Tell her you’re busy and only call her a few times a week. Act indifferent towards her. End things early once in a while especially when she is enjoying herself the most. Let a few of her calls go to voice mail.

And most importantly, you need to come across as the kind of guy who will walk away at a moments notice if things aren’t enjoyable for YOU.

This shifts the power back in your favor and allows you to gain control of the relationship.

Good and Bad Beauty Salon Marketing

All women in the world have been to a salon at least once in their lives. And if you have been to more than one, you would notice that there are different kinds of salons. There are those for are there to generate income and there are those that are there to make women beautiful. Yes, what was said above is true; not all salons are established to make women beautiful. Of course, the aim of all salons is to generate income. But some salons are in it more for the money than for the job. What makes this difference is a good beauty salon marketing plan.

You see, some salons have marketing plans with aims of luring people in with their cheap offers. Cheap salon treatments are, of course, pleasing to the ears. But if you put the salon marketing and business plan under a microscope, you would see that this is achieved by investing in substandard products and materials. The danger in this type of plan is that the products may work, but they may also have adverse side effects on people. In the short run, you will get people in. But in the long run, you might end up losing people because of the bad results you give.

When it comes to beauty salon marketing, it is always best to put the job and the quality of work first. The salon’s vision should be to provide the best quality service; more than generating good income. The salon’s mission should be to convince its patrons that the service you offer is worth what they will pay for. The best way to do this is by giving them perfect results. When they ask you for this hair color, you give them exactly the hair color they ask for. When they look for this type of nail polish, you make sure you have that in stock. Of course, you should also be ready to give expert advice. Focus on doing your job well and you will slowly but surely build a very good customer base, one that’s loyal and reliable.

How to Attract Any Beautiful Women

Where Is Your Share of Beautiful Women?

Beautiful women are everywhere on this planet. Many people think beautiful women are inaccessible because in order to attract them, you need to have money, power, or status to even touch them. This is simply not true. In my experience, travelling around the world meeting all kinds of beautiful women, more often or not, you will be surprised at how many of them are single and are just waiting to find that guy who’s able to take care of her.

You might ask WHY? If she’s hot, she should already have guys lined up waiting to get her number right? In some cases, yes. But you will be surprise that sometimes, the “HOT” girl that appears to have a lot of guys chasing her actually doesn’t have a boyfriend.

In a lot of cases, these attractive girls know that they are attractive and they are very selective in who they choose as their mate. Recognizing how their psychology works and use reverse psychology against them is the way on how to attract any beautiful women you desire.

How to attract any beautiful women secret #1:

Be confident but don’t over do it…and be yourself:

Beautiful women get approached by guys all the time. Think inside her head for a second, if she sees so many guys all the time, she already know most of the little pickup lines or tricks that guys try to pull to impress her. Guess what? Most of the time, she’s probably laughing her heads off when you think you impressed her but you did not. Please, please. Do yourself a favor. Don’t even try to pull those cheesy pickup line unless you know how to do it naturally!!

Girls, particularly beautiful girls know right away that you just want to get into her pants and she will almost guarantee to not even give you a second chance. When approaching beautiful women, you must be confident and most importantly be yourself. Show her that you are sincere and genuine to get to know her better rather than just having alternative motives such as sex or to show off to the rest of your male friends.

How to attract any beautiful women secret #2:

Challenge her and don’t always conform to her wish:

Beautiful girls are not as stupid as some guys think because these girls know they can pretty much get what they want with a guy if they just ask. Don’t fall into that trap!! Being a nice guy and just paying her every meal is not the way on how to attract any beautiful women. Geez, I don’t think it even trigger any attraction at all!! What you need to do is be counter intuitive and challenge her from time to time.

For example, instead of saying wow, you look so beautiful today. I think you look amazing today… say things like wow, I think you need to change your dress code or fix yourself before you walk out that door… try to add humor but don’t over do it. The idea is you want to communicate to her at the subconscious level that you are not simply a push-over. You are someone who’s able to control your own man power and not let a woman just step all over you. This is very important because attractive women understand their own feminine status and to be in the same league, she wants men who can compose himself and show power over her instead of having to babysit another baby boy… The guys who know how to attract any beautiful women in the world are most often or not able to challenge her and be in a controlling position whether than letting her push him over.