American Women, Beauty, and the Economy

Today’s American society is one that is in the depths of a recession. Many people have been affected in a very personal way. There have been may lost jobs, homes foreclosed on, incomes reduced, and stress is up. Many would say that the US economy could easily head from the recession into a deep depression worse than was experienced in the 1920’s. In times like these people are cutting back in their spending habits and the doing the best that they can to just keep up and create any kind of stability that they can.

In the daily reality of the tough times that people face, there are some interesting things that American women do to help themselves relieve stress. Studies have shown that Women tend to indulge themselves in cosmetics, such as Nu Skin, Mary Kay, and Maybelline when the economy goes down. Though this is an interesting and weird fact, it does make a lot of sense. Times are tough and very stressful, and this is one way that women can relieve stress without spending a lot of money.

Another possible explanation is the opportunity to make money by selling cosmetics, such Nu Skin and Mary Kay. In a tough economy, many people are looking for ways to make extra cash wherever they can. So it makes perfect sense that cosmetic sales would go up as well then in a downturn in the economy.

Whether the reason for an increase in cosmetic sales is a desire to spurge and relieve stress, or a desire to make extra income, either way it the fact is that it is good to be in cosmetic sales in a down economy.

Accentuate Women Beauty

Saree plays an important role in Indian culture. Indian women in ancient times used to wear saree in their house and at festive occasions. Thus it was an indispensable part of their lifestyle. But with growing western influence sarees took a backstage and it was replaced by gowns and skirts. But now with the growing popularity of these five and half meter drapes, it has again gained momentum, thanks to our rich culture and designers. Designer Saree is mostly preferred by women because of its use of rich embellishments and wide range of colors.

Indian Saree

India is a culmination of different cultures, creed and language. Saree and salwar-kameez are basically the traditional dress of Indian women. Even though saree is a common dress, it is worn in different styles in different states of India. Indian sarees have become popular in abroad. You can witness Hollywood stars in designer sarees. Designer Saree has taken the place of traditional ones because of its sophistication and cost.

Edgy New Look of Saree

Saris have come a long way and the way of wearing it has also changed. Women in olden times were basically home makers, spending most of their time at home. But now time has changed, women have become an integral part of the work force. They need attires which are easy to wear and still give a formal look. They like to dress up for the occasion and make an imprint of their taste. Designer Saree is the answer to all these requirements. Fashion designers have made saree a most sort after attire not only in India but in western countries also. Saree with different kinds of belt embellished on the waist gives a complete modern statement and youthfulness to the wearer. It accentuates the waist and adds style. Slim and tall people will look gorgeous in this attire.

Another trendy way of wearing a saree is with jeans. It may look unimaginable, but it is the trendiest form of pulling over saree on a jeans. Jeans is most popular among westerners and saree is the traditional dress of Indians. This combination of east meets west helps in making a style statement. The traditional way of the initial round of draping is not there in this style. Here the saree draping starts with making pleats and tucking it in the front portion of the jeans and then making a pallu out of the other end of the saree. The saree blouse design remains the same. This trend can be followed when you are going to a casual party.

Saree gown is yet another fashionable way of wearing saree. They are basically backless with built in blouse and split pallu. They accentuate your figure, giving a chic look. Saree gown are in high demand because it is easy to wear and gives that jaw dropping look. There are many different forms of Designer Saree which is not only trendy and easy to wear but also gives that sophisticated look. Trouser saree, poncho sarees, pajama sarees and chottu sarees are some of the trendy designer sarees. Designer Saree not only keep the essence of the culture but also helps in adapting the modern lifestyle.

The Link Identifying Women, Beauty, and Body Image

What image do you see whenever you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you see a beautiful, self-possessed, and confident woman eager to live life and ever-ready to face whatever challenge life has to offer? Or do you see an unattractive female full of self-doubt and so conspicuously flawed that she could hardly stand the sight of her horrid reflection?

Since time immemorial, the connotative reference of beauty to women and vice-versa has ingrained the universal idea implying the need for women to become physically appealing creatures. In effect, it could not be helped that majority of women have an inherent tendency to become partially but frequently preoccupied with issues concerning their physical appearance. Our body image-how we see ourselves physically-performs an integral part in how we interact and present ourselves to the world at large. It determines our level of self-esteem which in turn affects the manner and extent of our performance in our daily functions and social interactions.

Analyzing the reflections we see in our minds

The body image we have of ourselves has little to do with the actual quality or state of our physical features. Even a woman possessed with drop-dead gorgeous looks can have a poor body image if she sees herself as unattractive every time she faces the mirror. This is explained by the primary factors determining body image: our thoughts and feelings about ourselves based on our physical appearances.

Having a poor body image impacts our way of life. As in most cases, women these days are driven to undergo rigorous exercises, fad diets, and various cosmetic surgeries in pursuit of physical beauty. The non-verbally imposed standards of beauty prevalently determined by a variety of current social and commercial factors made popular through media have led women to assess their appearances in accordance to them. As a result, almost half of the entire female population in modern societies these days either overestimate their body size or underestimate their physical attractiveness; worse, they could be controlled by both self-deprecating perceptions. As such, allowing these ideas to take hold and sink in could make us feel depressed and anxious to the point of coming down with psychological illnesses requiring antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications.

Seeing our true reflections

With the powerful influence of media, detaching ourselves from these controlling notions surrounding “ideal beauty” can be hard. But since our minds are ours to control, we are still in full possession of every right and power to dictate the manner in which we see ourselves. Focusing on the wonderful things our bodies are capable of is particularly helpful. Moreover, bearing in mind that our physicality only takes up a small fraction of our entirety keeps us grounded on the truth that our personalities and minds make up more than half of who we truly are. Determining beauty would always be reliant on the personal opinion and assessment of the one looking at us. And the most important person whose opinion and assessment of our beauty would figure greatly more than anyone else’s is none other than ourselves. In the end, seeing and accepting ourselves as the beautiful women we truly are, are our most commendable features that really deserve far more than just a passing glance.

Unique Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo designs for women are becoming very popular. Not too long ago women only put a small tattoo somewhere on their body that could easily be covered up. Now it is becoming a fashion statement for women to have tattoos and they are not ashamed of where they are.

A tattoo is not only a fashion statement but also an expression of your personality. A tattoo is more meaningful if there is a story behind it. Because everyone’s story is unique, your tattoo should be unique. There are some great places online to find unique tattoo designs for women.

Tattoos on women are definitely a sign of sexuality. A strategically placed tattoo can say a lot about a woman without her opening her mouth. A tattoo on the upper thigh is very erotic. Not much can stir excitement more than catching a glimpse of a tattoo just under a short skirt.

The feet can be another sexy place for tattoo designs for women. Women spend a lot of time keeping their feet pampered and beautiful. A tattoo is a permanent accessory for your feet.

And of course we can’t forget the lower back. The lower back is probably the most popular location for tattoo designs for women. There is so much canvas to work with. A lower back tattoo can be small and placed just above the waistband. If necessary, it can be covered easily and just as easily revealed. If you are daring, you can get a lower back tattoo that stretches across the whole hip bone area. A lower back tattoo can also be the beginning of a larger full back tattoo.

Jewelry Boxes for Women

Among the many kinds of jewelry boxes for women, enamel ones are by far the prettiest around. Enamel is basically a material that is made by fusing powdered glass into a substrate by firing it at really high temperatures. The resultant molten powder flows to form a vitreous coating over metal which is smooth and beautiful.

The origin of the word enamel is a bit vague and can be traced back to two languages. It could have been from Old High German word ‘smelzan’ which means to smelt. It could also have been from the Old French word ‘esmail’.

The process that actually evolved to enameling as we know it today has come down from civilizations like the Egyptians, wherein colored cut glass were decoratively filled into gold cells known as cloisonné. It was perhaps the Greeks and the Celts who took it a step further to make it molten glass. A number of civilizations utilized this art form, like the Chinese, Indians and Romans.

In fact, some of the best examples of enamel can be attributed to the Byzantinians of the 10th century. It was in the 18th century that artisans of small town Battersea and Staffordshire based in England thought of using enamel to craft beautiful boxes. These were soon highly sought among nobility for various purposes.

Enamel boxes became a popular gifting item among aristocrats and the royals. In fact, they were used to hold small items of jewelry, snuff, and even some make up for women. To this day, they are popular as gifts among the royal class.

Peter Carl Faberg of Russia can be credited with taking this art form to its greatest heights with the creation of the famed Fabergé eggs. Though the making of enamel boxes can be complex depending on the detailing, this is a basic idea of how they are done.

Every box starts with a pure metal, copper being common and gold being the most expensive. They are stamped into the desired shape.

Enamel is then sprayed onto the box and it is fired to make the surface smooth. Once done, the surface of the box becomes really hard and unbreakable. Such kind of boxes can last for hundreds of years.

Each image that has to be included will first be drawn or photographed and then will be created into a template. This helps the hand painting of the design onto the surface. Once done, the design is then fired again to fuse it together with the enameled surface.

There are several different techniques to enameling. Each of them results in some really beautiful designs. Some of the techniques are Cloisonné, Champlevé, Grisaille, Limoges enamel, specific to Limoges in France and Plique-à-jour among other forms. Each of these techniques is still referred to by their French names and has distinctive looks in them.