Women, Painting and Power

I’m standing in my studio, watching ten women painting in silence with exquisite focus and concentration, and the energy is just humming. All of a sudden I hear a groan from one of the women and the words “Oh no, I hate it. It’s so ugly”. I smile, feeling a sense of great relief and dread.

Relief because another woman has just blindly stumbled into her gateway to creative freedom. Dread because I know the resistance and arguments I am going to be coming up against as I try to talk her out of destroying what she deems ugly and to even to begin to take the radical step of accepting what she has created with curiosity and compassion. I have to be quick here because women are nothing if not stealthy and crafty and will waste little time in eradicating the evidence of what they consider unattractive art.

This is a class in what’s known as intuitive painting or process painting. The purpose of this kind of painting is to learn to listen deeply to yourself and to then courageously express what you find,without censoring anything,in a

How to Date Beautiful Women

How to date beautiful women can be challenging for most men. Use these tips to make beautiful women go crazy for you. This is so real, when you start using these tips, you will notice a huge difference in the way beautiful women react and behave with you. It’s been known for a very long time, they are not easy to attract nor attracted to the same things that attract other women. Beautiful women have plenty of choices when it comes to men.

They can have guys cover them with gifts and compliments, yet they won’t be attracted at all. Instead of ruining yourself to attract and date them, use these two tips to make them go crazy for you. The beauty about these tips is that they are easy to use and most guys have never heard or will never apply them.

· The first great tip on how to date beautiful women is: be highly unpredictable. As written before, what attract normal women doesn’t necessarily attract beautiful women. For example, most guys will do something like this: They

Secret Steps to Be Beautiful in Quick Time

Nice body

To lose some kilos (not many) and to gain a beautiful and radiant skin, you need a detoxification cure. Eat 5 meals/ day and consume only fresh aliments, most of them fruit, vegetables and natural juices.
Say no to: alcohol, sugar, oil, fried foods, and sweet juices with acid Etc.

Use an exfoliating a night before the event. Dead cells will be eliminated and your skin will be more soft and shiny.

If you want something more special, you may apply two days in a row tanning cream. The effect won’t be so powerful, but just perfect to be asked if you were at the seaside during the weekend.

Nice complexion

Sleep, sleep, sleep! You have to sleep at least 8 hours per night during these 2 days. Nothing makes your skin to look beautiful than a long and comfortable sleep!

If you have circles put 2 bags of green tea over your eyes. First, boil and let them to cool. Let them to act for 10 minutes.

A day before the event,

How to Approach Beautiful Women and Make Your Date Successful

Almost all men have fantasies over beautiful women, both handsome and average looking alike. If you are one of those men with fantasies over beautiful women and you are trying to figure out how you should approach them however you are afraid to get rejected, then this article is for you.

As opposed to what men think about beautiful women that they are just for good looking men, you are getting it wrong because the great news is that you can actually win beautiful women no matter how old you are, how you look like and how much savings you have in your bank account. What matters most is to know exactly how you should approach them.

Here are several tips on how you should approach beautiful women and make a successful date

* It is important that you make the first move. Never feel intimidated that the woman that you want is too beautiful for you. One of the major reasons why men are afraid of approaching beautiful women is because they think that approaching and initiating the first move on beautiful women is like solving complicated problems.

Most men think that good

Beauty Contest and Feminism

Feminism is not all about hating men; it is about fighting for equal rights. Man has always dominated women since age-old times. Since women were not well-educated and financially independent she remained the oppressed gender. Her worth as a homemaker and a mother was not recognized and was subject to male dominance.

Feminism is all about demanding self-respect. Although the scenario has changed today with more and more women getting proper education, to reach high positions of power women has to put in twice the effort put by her male counterpart. Rape, forced marriage and other misogynist actions are forced on her.

Feminist of the world want to break down all barriers that obstruct women from being treated equally. They want women to be free from cruelty and receive the same opportunities as men, in education and at her place of work. Feminism about bringing equality and making the world a better place for everybody to live in.

So what is the connection between beauty contest and feminism? Beauty contest although gives women an opportunity to prosper and showcase her talent, feminist disapprove of it for the way a women is portrayed here.


How to Attract Beautiful Women

To attract beautiful women is every man’s desire but for the exceptional few. All beautiful women are not that easily wooed. There could be a thousand ways of drawing the attention a beautiful woman to oneself.

Different men have a different approach and attitude when they decide to make their intentions clear. All women are not stereotype, their tastes and choices differ and what one may find appealing the other will not. Listen up men, before setting out to attract a beautiful specimen of the opposite sex do a little self check first. Are you a good looking man yourself? If yes, then half the battle is won there itself. If not, then have no regrets as good characteristics will do the trick. Read on to find tips on how to attract beautiful women.

Beautiful women most often enjoy the company of a fun loving man, the extrovert in nature and most often unpredictable. So that’s what you need to come across as, women also look to see if you are educated enough to earn a handsome amount of money. She normally has her own standard opinion of what it means to be good looking. Many

Why Beauty Treatments Fail

Do you know why babies are so adorable? They need beauty to survive! Babies cannot live without an adult’s support, and therefore need an adult’s love to ensure their support. This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to show that beauty is for survival and not just for fun only.

How about in the business world? Sure, its not politically correct to say that you hire someone based on their looks, but it’s almost always the first impression that sticks in your head and someone who is more attractive will always be more memorable.

How about money? Beautiful women tend to have a higher salary and better chances for a promotion. Handsome men — not as much as beautiful women, but it still has its benefits.

Of course beauty is a big advantage in a bedroom for love. Want to know the secret of how men and women are choosing their beloved ones?

10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, California. A 50 million dollar Gothic – Tudor style house, built by architect Arthur R. Kelly in 1927, with a secret room, called the “Elvis Presley” suite. This room is famous not for its art collection

Technique To Drastically Increase Your Success With Women

There’s a technique that you can use to give yourself a huge advantage over other men when it comes to attracting women. It’s a technique that great marketers and great advertisers use to increase the perceived VALUE of the products and services that they sell. And if you don’t already know, having high value is something that is VERY important if you want to attract women.

Beautiful women are not attracted to men who they perceive has having lower value than themselves.

And most guys unconsciously communicate to a woman they’re attracted to that they are low value.

A guy will do things like call her ten times a day. At her request, he will instantly drop everything he is doing to go tend to her needs. He will only say things that he knows won’t upset or offend her. He will chase her and buy her expensive gifts. And generally be at her every beck and call.

Essentially what is going on her is he’s putting her on a pedestal and worshiping her as this amazing goddess that he needs to please.

Attractive women HATE that.

So what can you do

Good and Bad Beauty Salon Marketing

All women in the world have been to a salon at least once in their lives. And if you have been to more than one, you would notice that there are different kinds of salons. There are those for are there to generate income and there are those that are there to make women beautiful. Yes, what was said above is true; not all salons are established to make women beautiful. Of course, the aim of all salons is to generate income. But some salons are in it more for the money than for the job. What makes this difference is a good beauty salon marketing plan.

You see, some salons have marketing plans with aims of luring people in with their cheap offers. Cheap salon treatments are, of course, pleasing to the ears. But if you put the salon marketing and business plan under a microscope, you would see that this is achieved by investing in substandard products and materials. The danger in this type of plan is that the products may work, but they may also have adverse side effects on people. In the short run, you will get people in. But in the long

How to Attract Any Beautiful Women

Where Is Your Share of Beautiful Women?

Beautiful women are everywhere on this planet. Many people think beautiful women are inaccessible because in order to attract them, you need to have money, power, or status to even touch them. This is simply not true. In my experience, travelling around the world meeting all kinds of beautiful women, more often or not, you will be surprised at how many of them are single and are just waiting to find that guy who’s able to take care of her.

You might ask WHY? If she’s hot, she should already have guys lined up waiting to get her number right? In some cases, yes. But you will be surprise that sometimes, the “HOT” girl that appears to have a lot of guys chasing her actually doesn’t have a boyfriend.

In a lot of cases, these attractive girls know that they are attractive and they are very selective in who they choose as their mate. Recognizing how their psychology works and use reverse psychology against them is the way on how to attract any beautiful women you desire.

How to attract any beautiful women secret #1:


American Women, Beauty, and the Economy

Today’s American society is one that is in the depths of a recession. Many people have been affected in a very personal way. There have been may lost jobs, homes foreclosed on, incomes reduced, and stress is up. Many would say that the US economy could easily head from the recession into a deep depression worse than was experienced in the 1920’s. In times like these people are cutting back in their spending habits and the doing the best that they can to just keep up and create any kind of stability that they can.

In the daily reality of the tough times that people face, there are some interesting things that American women do to help themselves relieve stress. Studies have shown that Women tend to indulge themselves in cosmetics, such as Nu Skin, Mary Kay, and Maybelline when the economy goes down. Though this is an interesting and weird fact, it does make a lot of sense. Times are tough and very stressful, and this is one way that women can relieve stress without spending a lot of money.

Another possible explanation is the opportunity to make money by selling cosmetics, such Nu Skin

Accentuate Women Beauty

Saree plays an important role in Indian culture. Indian women in ancient times used to wear saree in their house and at festive occasions. Thus it was an indispensable part of their lifestyle. But with growing western influence sarees took a backstage and it was replaced by gowns and skirts. But now with the growing popularity of these five and half meter drapes, it has again gained momentum, thanks to our rich culture and designers. Designer Saree is mostly preferred by women because of its use of rich embellishments and wide range of colors.

Indian Saree

India is a culmination of different cultures, creed and language. Saree and salwar-kameez are basically the traditional dress of Indian women. Even though saree is a common dress, it is worn in different styles in different states of India. Indian sarees have become popular in abroad. You can witness Hollywood stars in designer sarees. Designer Saree has taken the place of traditional ones because of its sophistication and cost.

Edgy New Look of Saree

Saris have come a long way and the way of wearing it has also changed. Women in olden times were basically home makers, spending

The Link Identifying Women, Beauty, and Body Image

What image do you see whenever you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you see a beautiful, self-possessed, and confident woman eager to live life and ever-ready to face whatever challenge life has to offer? Or do you see an unattractive female full of self-doubt and so conspicuously flawed that she could hardly stand the sight of her horrid reflection?

Since time immemorial, the connotative reference of beauty to women and vice-versa has ingrained the universal idea implying the need for women to become physically appealing creatures. In effect, it could not be helped that majority of women have an inherent tendency to become partially but frequently preoccupied with issues concerning their physical appearance. Our body image-how we see ourselves physically-performs an integral part in how we interact and present ourselves to the world at large. It determines our level of self-esteem which in turn affects the manner and extent of our performance in our daily functions and social interactions.

Analyzing the reflections we see in our minds

The body image we have of ourselves has little to do with the actual quality or state of our physical features. Even a woman possessed

Unique Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo designs for women are becoming very popular. Not too long ago women only put a small tattoo somewhere on their body that could easily be covered up. Now it is becoming a fashion statement for women to have tattoos and they are not ashamed of where they are.

A tattoo is not only a fashion statement but also an expression of your personality. A tattoo is more meaningful if there is a story behind it. Because everyone’s story is unique, your tattoo should be unique. There are some great places online to find unique tattoo designs for women.

Tattoos on women are definitely a sign of sexuality. A strategically placed tattoo can say a lot about a woman without her opening her mouth. A tattoo on the upper thigh is very erotic. Not much can stir excitement more than catching a glimpse of a tattoo just under a short skirt.

The feet can be another sexy place for tattoo designs for women. Women spend a lot of time keeping their feet pampered and beautiful. A tattoo is a permanent accessory for your feet.

And of course we can’t forget the lower back. The

Jewelry Boxes for Women

Among the many kinds of jewelry boxes for women, enamel ones are by far the prettiest around. Enamel is basically a material that is made by fusing powdered glass into a substrate by firing it at really high temperatures. The resultant molten powder flows to form a vitreous coating over metal which is smooth and beautiful.

The origin of the word enamel is a bit vague and can be traced back to two languages. It could have been from Old High German word ‘smelzan’ which means to smelt. It could also have been from the Old French word ‘esmail’.

The process that actually evolved to enameling as we know it today has come down from civilizations like the Egyptians, wherein colored cut glass were decoratively filled into gold cells known as cloisonné. It was perhaps the Greeks and the Celts who took it a step further to make it molten glass. A number of civilizations utilized this art form, like the Chinese, Indians and Romans.

In fact, some of the best examples of enamel can be attributed to the Byzantinians of the 10th century. It was in the 18th century that artisans of small town

Beautiful Brides for Western Men

Many famous men are dating women from Russia and ultimately make their Russian women brides. Why? Not only are they extremely beautiful, they are known for an innate sense of style and they look after their bodies. But all that is just the outside of the girl. Beauty fades, but what about their personalities? It’s important that Russian women brides have great morals and standards that make them into the women of their western husbands dreams.

Why Russian women for marriage?

Russian women’s culture dictates that they look fantastic and keep themselves fit and beautiful. They really know how to take care of themselves, and dress up every day.

In Russia women are generally considered subservient to men. Treated equally in the workplace means they are expected to work as hard as men even physically, but at home they are treated as second class individuals. They really appreciate that western men do not treat women in the same way and they are aware that they will be treated as equals if they have a western marriage.

In Russia, women are often well educated. English is compulsory in Russian education so many Russian women are

Makeup For Ugly Women

Why do some of the most beautiful women you meet think themselves ugly? And what of the ones who are ugly but tend to do nothing about it and sulk. There is no such thing as ugly. Ugly is a word that means nothing more than something that does not look nice, but nice can be bettered to pretty attractive or handsome. Now stop sulking and get your act together. What women have to remember is that it is mostly themselves that see the ugliness and not other people. It is the norm for women to think they do not look good, even when they do; they would not be women if they did not. There is always going to be that one particular part of the body their not happy with. Whether it is the face, bottom, breasts, legs or whatever, they will find fault. And more times than not the person whose suffers the most due to the fault found is either the husband or boyfriend.

Makeup Beauty Tips

The biggest mistake women make when using cosmetics is the lack of knowledge on the beauty items they use. It is all well and good

How to Attract Beautiful Women

Are you confused about how to attract beautiful women? Do you know it is easier to attract a beautiful woman than an ordinary looking woman? Sounds unbelievable? Well here is the point; beautiful women are more used to getting approached by dumb males trying to impress them all the time and treating them like queens. They are fed up of this behavior.

To attract beautiful women you must just behave as if they are as normal looking as any other girl and should never compliment them about their looks since many men have already tried this technique before so you must be different from them.

Here are 3 important tips to attract beautiful women

1. Be a bit arrogant initially – Attractive women are used to seeing males trying to please them in every way they can, all these men just end up just being a boy toy. Always remember first impression is more important than you think, when you meet the girl first time you must give her an impression that you are not interested in her beauty but there something more than her beauty, maybe her behavior that may attract you to her.

Women Beauty and Balding

Beauty is an important asset to women in our modern society. Outer female beauty plays an important role in interpersonal relationship, marriage and social activities. Disproportionate views and treatment to beautiful women can be seen easily in daily lives. This is the reason which causes women to spend large amount of money willingly to go under the knife, enhancing their physical appearance. Hair, the crowning glory of women defines the most significant element of female beauty. Bad hair days never fail to turn women into the doldrums and statistics show that women spend most of their time on mirrors adjusting and styling their hair. As a result, female pattern balding is a fear to many women causing them to panic at the sight of even a few strands of hair on their comb after styling. However, these fears are not unfounded as female pattern balding is affecting a lot of the female counterparts nowadays. Female pattern balding is caused by several factors such as grooming, emotional stress, pregnancy and genetic reasons.

Understanding the hair growth cycle is instrumental in identifying the causes of balding. Hair exists in three phases known as anagen, catagen and telogen phases. Under

A Discussion of Women Beauty

A lady looking to dress up for any special occasion would be interested in a checklist of the top women beauty products to purchase. A scan of her home may indicate that she already has all or some of these items, but a list is always good to have. Such items include cosmetics, skin care products, and hair care products. Each of these areas will be reviewed in detail below.

To begin, it is always good to have cosmetics on hand for a special occasion. Some basic items to have include mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, nail polish, lip gloss, eye liner, and lip liner. Products come in a wide array of shades and colors which are suited to each woman’s individual taste and skin tone. Quality cosmetics for lower prices could be obtained via drug stores, supermarkets, discount retail chains, and direct salespeople. Pricier cosmetics can be found at department stores within malls and upscale retail chains. There tends to be counters at expensive retail chains where women can try on cosmetics, and free trials may also be offered.

Skin care products are also good for women to have, both for special occasions